Tom moving on

We are sad to announce that after almost nine years nestled in the warmth of the Four Fighters' bosom, Tom (guitar) will be leaving us and moving on. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with and an integral part of the band. He will be sorely missed and extremely difficult to replace, but replace him we must. We wish him the very best of luck with his future endeavours and we all remain the very best of friends – he is our favourite drinking buddy after all!

He’s not quite finished with us just yet though. He and our regular stand-in, Andy, will be covering our gigs until we have a new guy in place. Please do not mourn this event, we are not really sad (we are a bit sad!), feel free instead to buy Tom some filthy alcoholic drinks if you see him playing with us at gigs over the coming weeks to help him on his way and rib him mercilessly about what a ‘splitter’ he is… Also please check out his ENVOYS band page and give them a ‘like’. If you like your music down-tuned and heavy as an extremely heavy thing, you’ll love their shit. You can even buy their much-acclaimed album (vinyl, download and CD) online if you wish. So, good luck, our Tom. It's been emotional. Lots of love from Iain, Geoff and Ric.

Watch this space for announcements of future news on auditions. Anyone interested in stepping into Tom’s shoes at this point, please email us at:

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